Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme was founded by Vernon Rudolph in 1937 in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  There are locations all over the world from the United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia, one of the worlds favorite doughnuts was invented right here in North Carolina. Krispy Kreme is known for their fresh doughnuts. When that brightly lit sign is on everyone knows you can get the freshest doughnuts in the world, they literary take the original glazed doughnut of the assembly line and hand it to the customer. This is the only place i go to get my doughnuts, I am so spoiled that no other doughnut will do.

Pepsi Born In The Carolinas

Pepsi one of the biggest soda company's in the world was created in 1898, it was first popularized in the great depression with their release of their 12oz bottle. It was invented in New Bern North Carolina and first called Brad's Drink and later called Pepsi Cola in 1903. You can visit the birthplace of Pepsi, what was first a pharmacy where Pepsi was invented is now the Pepsi Store where you can enjoy a fountain of Pepsi or browse through their souvenirs. You can even go on their website at pepsistore.com and shop. Their address is
256 Middle Street New Bern, NC 28560-2142 (252) 636-5898

NC Golf

If nothing else attracts you to North Carolina the golf courses should. Pinehurst i think is the most widely known and it is worth playing just like all of the courses in North Carolina. Pinehurst is a little over rated though people mostly play there for reputation. I think i you are going to play in North Carolina you should take advantage of the mountain courses. They might not be the best kept courses but they are beautiful to play on, there's nothing like playing golf with the mountains behind you, you reach this sort of peace and tranquility that you cant get from playing regular courses and for some that's all that golf means for them. The Linville Golf Club is a great example of a NC mountain golf course with it being in the shadow of Grandather Mountain its sure to be one of the best North Carolina can offer. You can only play there by booking a room so if your headed that way and want to play some golf here is there address 175 Linville Hwy. PO box 99 Linville, NC 28646 or you just want to book a room call (828) 733-4311. The picture that is at the top is of the Greensboro Country Club also a beautiful course, their range is especially nice but you can only play there with a membership or as a guest.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


If you want to go to a city in North Carolina that has everything to offer try going to Charlotte. The city offers great dinning, shopping, amazing nightlife, and not to mention the Carolina Panthers play there. One day me and my girlfriend had a craving for cheesecake, we talked about are options and we thought the cheesecake factory would be awesome. We looked up the address thinking it was somewhere downtown in Greensboro but it came up to be in Charlotte, we talked about it for a bit and decided that very moment we wanted to go to Charlotte to get cheesecake. After a long trip we arrived at the Cheesecake factory we never thought that a restaurant named the Cheesecake factory could look that nice. Despite the decor of the restaurant we decided to eat outside because it was a nice night, we flipped threw the many pages of the menu and found what we had been looking for, cheesecake, and some calamari, both were delicious. After we finished are dinner and browsed a few shops we headed downtown. It was a lot easier to find a parking spot then we thought. When we parked we began to explore like a fat kid at a buffet. We explored every building and every street. On are exploration we found a cool bar that had a bowling ally inside of it, it was like cosmic bowling but more fun because you are drunk. They did not have bad prices either it was $15 for bowling between 10pm-2am shoes included, those are better prices then in Greensboro for regular bowling. Now i would normally give you the address of the place but i have no idea what the name was of that place. I would like to know though were this place is so if you know the name of the place or the address please leave me a comment 

Thursday, November 3, 2011


This is a picture from when i went to Pilot Mountain

With the Appalachian Trail, and the Blue Ridge Parkway running threw North Carolina you know that North Carolina has great mountains to visit.
My favorite to visit just because they are closer to me are Pilot Mountain, Hanging Rock and Stone mountain. Pilot mountain I go to if I want to see amazing views and walk some easy nature walks, Hanging Rock I go to if I want to see some water falls or swim in their mountain lake and maybe catch a great view or so, Stone mountain has amazing nature hikes from easy to very intense, streams, waterfalls, and is a great place to camp. There are plenty more great places to go for example going toward Tennessee you can go to Cherokee do a little gambaling , maybe soak in the hot springs in Asheville, take in the views at Chimney Rock or take a ride up to Grandfather mountain. Now Grandfather mountain I have always wanted to go, you can go on there mile high swinging bridge if your not afraid of heights. The reasons I have not made it is that its far a way and it cost money to go, Adults are $15, children from 4-12 are $7, and under 4 they are free. I also recommend going to Fairy Stone Park, theres a legend there that when the fairies that lived in that forest found out about Jesus death they cried and all of their tears formed into rocks in the shape of crosses. People can go to Fairy stone Park and find these unique rocks that are shaped like crosses for free. My favorite out of all of the mountains I have been to in the great state of North Carolina is Stone Mountain just because of all of the great things that it offers. Here is a link to their site

This is a picture of when I traveld on the Blue Ridge Parkway
This is a picture of Pilot Mountain

This is a video of when I went to Hanging Rock
This is a picture at stone mountain


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wrightsville Beach

I have been to many beaches on the East Coast and in the Caribbean. In my opinion North Carolina has some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. When i head down i usually go to Wrightsville Beach, its a great place to lay in the sun, play some football, go for a swim, or go fishing. Its usually not a busy beach you can go there and see minimal people especially compared to places like myrtle beach, or basically any of the beaches in Florida. I think the peace you can find there adds to the flavor of the North Carolina beaches. Every time I talk about going to Wrightsville Beach I always bring up the Oceanic Resturant, which in this picture you can see it faintly. Me and my girlfriend went down to the beach and layed out on the beach all day and at night we ran out of food and decided to walk toward this lit up peir in the aint distance, we thought maby they would have a store inside where we could buy some grocery's. As we got closer we could see umbrellas and tables, so we decided to walk around and go in. As soon as we walked in we were hit with an array of aromas from seafood, hush puppies, to pasta sauces. They have a lavish indoor area but we chose to wait to sit out side on the peir itself, and it was worth the wait. Nothing is like eating seafood while you can see and smell the presence of the ocean around you. The food itself was amazing, the calamari was some of the best i have ever had. The Oceanic Resturant located at 703 S Lumina Ave Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 is all around a great place to visit so next time you head to Wrightsville beach check it out.